Marshall Factora


As actress
2011 -Margaret
2010 -Cop Out role:: Neighbor
2008 -You Don't Mess with the Zohan role:: 
2006 -16 Blocks role:: 
2006 -Delirious role:: Club Patron
2006 -Find Me Guilty role:: 
2006 -Hoax, The role:: Mailman
2005 -Dark Water role:: pan Bernstein
2005 -Interpreter, The role:: Prime Minister at Strip Club
2002 -Hollywood Ending role:: Sound Man
2002 -Igby Goes Down role:: Street Vendor
1999 -Cradle Will Rock role:: Striker
1998 -A Perfect Murder role:: Patron in Coffee Shop
1998 -Meet Joe Black role:: Chef
1997 -Destination Anywhere role:: Cab Guy #2
1995 -Minsan May Pangarap: The Guce Family Story role:: Activist
1995 -To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar role:: Waiter
1988 -Birds of Prey role:: Tony
1984 -'Merika role:: Danny
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