Marisa Petroro


As actress
2011 -Stuck role:: Detective Johnson
2011 -Undercovers role:: Italian Translator
2010 -Captain Kidde and the Legion of Space Pirates role:: Hollywood Story Reporter
2010 -Franklin & Bash role:: Simone Winters
2010 -Franko role:: Maria
2010 -I Love You Daddy role:: Caroline Lin
2010 -Life at the Resort role:: Gina Murray
2009 -Good God Bad Dog role:: Liz
2008 -Held Up
2008 -Simian Undercover Detective Squad role:: SUDS Troupe (2008)
2007 -Episode #2.61 role:: Briefcase Model #18
2007 -Everybody Wants to Be Italian role:: Isabella Bisclari
2007 -One Day Like Rain role:: Tatiana
2007 -Reno 911!: Miami role:: Drug Lord's Girlfriend
2007 -Rules of Engagement role:: Crystal
2006 -A Little Light role:: Alex
2006 -Bachelor Party Vegas role:: The Showgirl
2006 -Deal or No Deal role:: Model
2006 -Dexter role:: Kate
2006 -Terminal role:: Dana
2006 -The Run role:: Alex
2006 -Unrest role:: Alita Covas
2005 -"The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" role:: James Bond Girl
2005 -Bold, Beautiful & Blue role:: Bobbi Hartman
2005 -Freddie role:: Trish
2005 -Three role:: The Woman
2004 -Desperate Housewives role:: Italian Secretary
2004 -I Am Stamos role:: Ashley
2004 -Intermission role:: Eyeshadow Wearer
2004 -No Witness role:: Celeste Cartier
2004 -Ragtop Daydream role:: Jessie
2004 -The Rouge Shoes role:: Didi
2004 -Wait Means Never role:: Linda Carver
2003 -"Las Vegas" role:: Bobbi Hartman
2003 -Reno 911! role:: Heidi
2003 -White Blossom role:: Angelina
2002 -Big Fat Liar role:: Reporter
2002 -Pumpkin role:: Courtney Burke
2002 -Sex, Politics & Cocktails role:: Daria
2002 -The Diplomat role:: Lucia
2001 -"Scrubs" role:: Cavewoman
2001 -According To Jim role:: Beautiful Woman
2001 -The Learning Curve role:: Maria(as Marisa Parker)
2001 -Tomcats role:: Maria
2000 -The Lift role:: Liz(as Marisa Parker)
2000 -The Right Hook role:: Cute Lesbian(as Marisa Parker)
1999 -Michael Landon, the Father I Knew role:: Sharee Landon(as Marisa Parker)
1999 -Murder of Crows, A role:: Laura
1999 -Rescue 77 role:: Kelli Caraway
1999 -The Strip role:: Lana
1999 -The Wedding role:: Kelli Caraway
1998 -April Fool role:: Siren
1998 -Brimstone role:: Lila
1997 -Contact role:: Oval Office Secretary
1997 -Rose by Any Other Name... role:: Samantha
1996 -Pretender, The role:: Emily
1995 -Ned and Stacey role:: Beautiful Woman
1973 -The Young and the Restless role:: Carrie Parker
1965 -Days of Our Lives role:: Sabrina
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