Lou Tellegen


As actor
1935 -Together We Live role:: Bischofsky
1934 -Caravane
1931 -Enemies of the Law role:: Eddie Swan
1930 -Oneiron tou glyptou, To
1927 -Married Alive role:: James Duxbury
1927 -Stage Madness role:: Pieerre Doumier
1927 -The Little Firebrand role:: Harley Norcross
1927 -The Princess from Hoboken role:: Prince Anton Balakrieff
1926 -3 Bad Men role:: Sheriff Layne Hunter
1926 -Siberia role:: Egor Kaplan
1926 -The Outsider role:: Anton Ragatzy
1926 -The Silver Treasure role:: Sotillo - the Bandit
1926 -Womanpower role:: The Broker
1925 -After Business Hours role:: John King
1925 -Borrowed Finery role:: Harlan
1925 -East Lynne role:: Sir Frncis Levisn
1925 -Fair Play role:: Bruce Elliot
1925 -Parisian Love role:: Pierre Marcel
1925 -Parisian Nights role:: Jean
1925 -The Redeeming Sin role:: Lupin
1925 -The Sporting Chance role:: Darrell Thornton
1925 -The Verdict role:: Victor Ronsard
1925 -With This Ring role:: Rufus Van Buren
1924 -Between Friends role:: David Drene
1924 -Greater Than Marriage role:: John Masters
1924 -Let Not Man Put Asunder role:: Dick Lechmere
1924 -Single Wives role:: Martin Prayle
1924 -The Breath of Scandal role:: Charles Hale
1924 -Those Who Judge role:: John Dawson
1920 -The Woman and the Puppet role:: Don Mateo
1919 -Flame of the Desert role:: Sheik Essad
1919 -The World and Its Woman role:: Prince Michael Orbeliana
1917 -The Black Wolf role:: The Black Wolf
1917 -The Long Trail role:: Andre Dubois
1916 -The Victoria Cross role:: Major Ralph Seton
1916 -The Victory of Conscience role:: Louis, Count De Tavannes
1915 -The Explorer role:: Alec McKenzie
1915 -The Unknown role:: Richard Farquhar
1913 -Adrienne Lecouvreur
1912 -Amours de la reine Élisabeth, Les role:: Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex
1911 -Dame aux camélias, La role:: Armand Duval
As director
1930 -Oneiron tou glyptou, To
1928 -No Other Woman
1918 -The Things We Love
1917 -What Money Can't Buy
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