Lou Taylor Pucci


As actor
2011 -All Together Now role:: Ron
2011 -The Music Never Stopped role:: Gabriel Sawyer
2010 -Beginners role:: Magician
2009 -Carriers role:: Danny
2009 -Fault Line
2009 -Legend of Hell's Gate role:: Kid Called Kelly
2009 -The Dream of the Romans role:: Kris Lucas
2009 -The Informers role:: Tim Price
2009 -Untitled Roslyn Project role:: Kevin
2008 -Brief Interviews with Hideous Men role:: Subject #28
2008 -Explicit Ills role:: Jacob
2008 -Fanboys role:: Boba Fett #1
2008 -The Horsemen role:: Alex Breslin
2007 -The Go-Getter role:: Mercer
2006 -Fast Food Nation role:: Gerald 'Paco'
2006 -Fifty Pills role:: Darren
2006 -Southland Tales role:: Martin Kefauver
2005 -Chumscrubber, The role:: Lee
2005 -Empire Falls role:: John Voss
2005 -Green Day: Jesus of Suburbia role:: St. Jimmy
2005 -Thumbsucker role:: Justin Cobb
2002 -Personal Velocity: Three Portraits role:: Kevin
2001 -"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" role:: Joey Frost
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