Lee Tockar


As actor
2010 -At Jesus' Side role:: Miguel(voice)
2010 -Planet Hulk role:: Android/Additional Voices(voice)
2009 -Soulmate role:: Narrator
2009 -The Continent role:: Ontario Premiere
2009 -The League of Super Evil role:: Frogg / Dr.Frogg / Doctor Frogg / …
2008 -Barbie Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends role:: Bibble
2008 -Crash: Mind Over Mutant role:: Additional Voices
2008 -Iron Man: Armored Adventures role:: M.O.D.O.K.
2007 -3-2-1 Penguins! role:: Fidgel
2007 -Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow role:: Bibble
2007 -Edgar & Ellen role:: Mr. Poshi
2007 -George of the Jungle role:: George / ...
2007 -The Ten Commandments role:: Dathan
2006 -Barbie: Mermaidia role:: Bibble/Fungus 1 & 2
2006 -Finley the Fire Engine role:: Gorby / Mr. Bell
2006 -Pucca role:: Abyo / ...
2006 -The Very Good Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom role:: Katcho Miso / Yam Roll
2006 -Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
2005 -Alien Racers role:: Kommander Necraal
2005 -Barbie: Fairytopia role:: Bibble / Fungus / Happy Trolls
2005 -Devil Kings role:: Q-Ball
2005 -Inspector Gadget's Biggest Caper Ever role:: Brain
2005 -Trollz role:: 
2005 -Wonder Showzen role:: Loardy
2005 -¡Mucha Lucha!: The Return of El Maléfico role:: El Loco Mosquito(voice)
2004 -Ark role:: Gomm
2004 -Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper role:: Ambassador Bismark / Guard #2
2004 -Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru-Nui role:: Makuta, Kongu
2004 -Dragon Booster role:: Parmon Sean
2004 -G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom role:: Shipwreck, Beachhead, Ex-Eel
2004 -In Search of Santa role:: Max/Phillip/Pup(voice) (as Lee Tokar)
2004 -The Space Between
2003 -Bionicle: Mask of Light role:: Makuta / Pewku
2003 -Def Jam Vendetta role:: Additional Voices
2003 -G.I.Joe: Spy Troops the Movie role:: Shipwreck
2003 -Hulk role:: Half-Life, Flux
2003 -Master Keaton role:: John, Priest
2003 -Silverwing role:: Luger / Hector / Romulus
2003 -The Cramp Twins role:: Dirty Joe Muldoon / Various
2003 -Uprising role:: Lucid
2003 -Yakkity Yak role:: Yakkity Yak(voice)
2002 -Dennis the Menace in Cruise Control role:: Ruff(voice)
2002 -Dragon Drive role:: Rockaku
2002 -Impossible Creatures role:: Rex Chance
2002 -Tottoko Hamutaro role:: Warts
2001 -A Christmas Adventure from a Book Called Wisely's Tales role:: Mousel(voice)
2001 -Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!
2001 -Project ARMS role:: Keith Black
2001 -Rockman.exe role:: Mr. Higsby / WoodMan
2001 -Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys role:: Charlie in the Box / Windup Mouse / Gingerbread Guard
2001 -The SoulTaker role:: Umon
2001 -What About Mimi?
2000 -Casper's Haunted Christmas role:: Snivel
2000 -Generation O!
2000 -Midtown Madness 2 role:: Announcer(voice)
2000 -X-Men: Evolution role:: Lucid
1999 -"Monster Farm: Enbanseki no himitsu" role:: General Durahan / ...
1999 -Chikyû shôjo Arjuna role:: Seed Medical Tech 1, Seed Scientist 3(voice: English version)
1999 -Merutiransâ role:: Scientist/Spaceport Security/Federation Official #3(voice: English version)
1999 -Mugen no rivaiasu role:: Lead Revolutionary(voice: English version)
1999 -Sabrina the Animated Series
1998 -Jin-Rô role:: Additional Voices
1998 -Mummies Alive! The Legend Begins role:: Additional Voices(voice)
1998 -RoboCop: Alpha Commando role:: Additional Voices
1998 -Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie role:: Ridley/Vixen/Milo the Elf(voice)
1997 -Extreme Dinosaurs role:: Haxx
1997 -Mummies Alive! role:: Additional Voices
1997 -The Wacky World of Tex Avery role:: Ghengis, Little Buddy
1996 -"Beast Wars: Transformers" role:: Ravage / Ram Horn
1995 -"The Outer Limits" role:: Pothead
1995 -Darkstalkers role:: Additional Voices
1995 -Mega Man role:: Vile
1995 -The Littlest Pet Shop role:: Chet
1994 -Tales from the Far Side
1993 -The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog role:: Additional Voices
1991 -Cinderella role:: Mouse A/Prince
1991 -Snow White role:: Klutzy/Smiley/Lazy/Prince
1991 -The Wizard of Oz role:: Toto
1989 -Dragon Ball Z role:: Guru
1989 -Little Mermaid, The role:: Additional Voices
As scenarist
2006 -The Very Good Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom
2004 -In Search of Santa
As producer
2001 -Come Together
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