Gregory Gaye


As actor
1979 -Meteor role:: Russian Premier
1978 -Keefer role:: Priest
1978 -The President's Mistress role:: Josef
1969 -Topaz role:: Meeting Co-Ordinator
1966 -Mission: Impossible role:: Minister
1965 -"The F.B.I." role:: Albert Moehns / ...
1962 -Hitler role:: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
1961 -Blue Hawaii role:: Paul Duval
1961 -The Red Carpet role:: Andre
1960 -"Thriller" role:: The President
1960 -Cash McCall role:: Dr. Bergmann
1960 -Ocean's Eleven role:: 
1959 -Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond role:: Father Leon
1959 -Bourbon Street Beat role:: Count Karnoy
1958 -Missile Monsters role:: 
1958 -Sea Hunt role:: Jan Wenzel
1957 -Kelly and Me role:: Milo
1955 -Captives of the Zero Hour
1955 -Creature with the Atom Brain role:: Dr. Wilhelm Steigg
1955 -Crossroads role:: Doctor
1955 -Jump Into Hell role:: podplukovník Cartier
1955 -King of the Carnival role:: Zorn
1955 -Lost in Outer Space
1955 -S.O.S. Ice Age
1955 -Solar Sky Raiders
1955 -The Hydrogen Hurricane
1955 -Top Secret Weapon
1954 -Charge of the Lancers role:: Cpl. Bonikoff
1954 -Jungle Man-Eaters role:: Leroux
1954 -The Gambler from Natchez role:: LeClerc, Gambling Commissioner
1953 -Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe role:: The Ruler
1953 -Flame of Calcutta role:: Amir Khasid
1953 -Remains to Be Seen role:: Headwaiter
1953 -Rogue's March role:: Russian Spy Chief
1953 -Savage Mutiny role:: Carl Kroman
1953 -South Sea Woman role:: Free French man
1953 -The Juggler role:: Harry
1952 -Bal Tabarin role:: Jean Dufar
1952 -Last Train from Bombay role:: B. Vornin aka The Lame One
1952 -The Ford Television Theatre role:: Priest
1952 -The World in His Arms role:: plukovník Paul Shushaldin
1952 -Washington Story role:: News Agency Rep on Phone
1951 -"Hallmark Hall of Fame" role:: Herr Sokolov / ...
1951 -Mask of the Avenger role:: plukovník von Falker
1951 -Peking Express role:: Stanislaus
1951 -Ten Tall Men role:: Maj. Bertot
1951 -The Magic Carpet role:: Caliph Ali
1951 -The Whip Hand role:: Sweitart
1951 -When the Redskins Rode role:: St. Pierre
1950 -Cargo to Capetown role:: Kroll, Second Mate
1950 -Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard role:: Prof. Schuman
1950 -Flying Disc Man from Mars role:: Mota
1950 -Harbor of Missing Men role:: kapitán Koretsky
1949 -Black Magic role:: Chambord/Monk
1949 -Dancing in the Dark role:: Headwaiter
1947 -Blackmail role:: Jervis
1947 -The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer role:: Maitre d'Hotel
1947 -The Corpse Came C.O.D. role:: Director
1947 -The Trespasser role:: pan E. Charles, book forger
1947 -The Unfinished Dance role:: Jacques Lacoste
1946 -Passkey to Danger role:: pan Warren
1946 -So Dark the Night role:: Commissioner Grande
1945 -A Song to Remember role:: Young Russian
1945 -Blood on the Sun role:: American newspaperman Bogardis
1945 -Cornered role:: Perchon, German Banker
1945 -I Love a Mystery role:: Dr. Han
1945 -Paris Underground role:: Tissier
1945 -Pursuit to Algiers role:: Ravez
1945 -The Tiger Woman role:: Joe Sapphire
1944 -Seven Doors to Death role:: Henry Butler aka Gregor
1944 -Song of Russia role:: Russian Radio Announcer
1944 -The Conspirators role:: Antone Wynat
1944 -The Purple Heart role:: Peter Voroshevski
1943 -One Dangerous Night role:: Dr. Eric Budenny
1942 -Casablanca role:: German Banker Refused by Rick
1942 -Fall In role:: Karl, Nazi Wiretapper
1942 -Flight Lieutenant role:: Becker
1942 -My Gal Sal role:: Monsieur Garnier
1942 -The Secret Code role:: Nazi Agent Feldon
1941 -I Wake Up Screaming role:: Headwaiter
1941 -They Dare Not Love role:: Von Mueller
1940 -Down Argentine Way role:: Sebastian, the Headwaiter
1940 -The Man from Dakota role:: plukovník Borodin
1939 -Hotel for Women role:: Fernando Manfredi
1939 -Ninotchka role:: Rakonin
1939 -On Your Toes role:: Vassilly, Slave in Ballet
1939 -Paris Honeymoon role:: Count Georges De Remi
1939 -The Three Musketeers role:: Vitray
1938 -Bulldog Drummond's Peril role:: Raoul
1938 -Love, Honor and Behave role:: Count Humbert
1938 -Straight Place and Show role:: Vladimir Borokov - Russian Jockey
1938 -Test Pilot role:: Grant
1938 -Thanks for Everything role:: Ambassador
1938 -Too Hot to Handle role:: Popoff
1937 -First Lady role:: Prince Boris Gregoravitch
1937 -Lancer Spy role:: Capt. Freymann
1937 -Mama Steps Out role:: Dmitri 'Didi' Shekoladnikoff, the Pianist
1937 -Prescription for Romance role:: Dr. Paul Azarny
1937 -Tovarich role:: Count Frederic Brekenski
1937 -Wise Girl role:: Prince Leopold
1936 -Charlie Chan at the Opera role:: Enrico Borelli
1936 -Dodsworth role:: Baron Kurt Von Obersdorf
1936 -Hollywood Boulevard role:: Russian writer
1936 -That Girl from Paris role:: Paul Joseph DeVry
1936 -Under Your Spell role:: Count Raul Du Rienne
1934 -Affairs of a Gentleman role:: Bela
1934 -British Agent role:: pan Kolinoff
1934 -Handy Andy role:: Pierre Martel
1932 -A Mail Bride
1932 -Once in a Lifetime role:: Rudolph Kammerling
1931 -Kept Husbands role:: Mons. Prinz
1931 -Young as You Feel role:: Pierre
1930 -High Society Blues role:: Count Prunier
1930 -Renegades role:: Vologuine
1930 -The Song of the Flame
1930 -What a Widow! role:: Baslikoff
1929 -The Black Watch role:: Bit Part
1929 -The Case of Lena Smith
1929 -The Cossack's Bride
1929 -They Had to See Paris role:: Prince Ordinsky
1928 -Tempest
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