Garry Waddell


As actor
2010 -Rake role:: Epis
2009 -A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne role:: Mick Bruvette(as Gary Waddell)
2008 -Night Train
2008 -Scorched role:: Nick(as Gary Waddel)
2007 -Almost role:: Charlie
2007 -Chandon Pictures role:: Dean
2007 -Joanne Lees: Murder in the Outback role:: Vince
2005 -Man-Thing role:: Cajun Pilot
2005 -Proposition, The role:: důstojník Davenport
2005 -Trapped role:: Smith
2005 -Two Twisted role:: Jimmy Kitchen
2003 -Gettin' Square role:: Dennis Obst
2003 -Lennie Cahill Shoots Through role:: Terry
2002 -Bad Cop, Bad Cop role:: Steve McClure
2002 -Black and White role:: Const. Jones
2002 -Dirty Deeds role:: Freddie
2000 -Chopper role:: Kevin Darcy
1998 -All Saints role:: Macca
1998 -SeaChange role:: Foreman
1998 -Stingers role:: Frank Mornain / ...
1997 -Heaven's Burning role:: Motel Manager
1997 -Maslin Beach role:: Ben
1996 -Dr. Ice role:: Newscaster
1996 -Water Rats role:: Billy Pope / Tom Haxby
1994 -Cody: The Tipoff role:: Mack
1994 -Heartland role:: Lennie
1993 -Seven Deadly Sins role:: Gluttony
1993 -Shotgun Wedding role:: Nighclub spruiker
1992 -Prey of the Chameleon role:: Newscaster
1991 -Sweet Talker role:: Bluey
1989 -G.P. role:: Rocco / Wayne
1989 -Tripe role:: Sonny Jim
1988 -"Home and Away" role:: Terry Mitchell
1988 -Breaking Loose role:: Copper
1988 -Grievous Bodily Harm role:: Eddie Weaks
1987 -The Facts of Life Down Under role:: Hugo
1986 -The Blue Lightning role:: Hennessey
1983 -Scales of Justice role:: Jimmy
1982 -Heatwave role:: Florist messenger
1982 -Monkey Grip role:: Actor 3
1982 -The Highest Honor role:: Cpl. R.B. Fletcher
1980 -Stir role:: Dave
1978 -In Search of Anna role:: Maxie
1977 -Blue Fire Lady role:: Charlie
1977 -The F.J. Holden role:: Deadlegs
1976 -Bluey role:: Davidson
1976 -Oz role:: Guitarist/Killer the Bikie
1976 -Pure S role:: Lou
As composer
2005 -Proposition, The
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