Donal Logue


As actor
2011 -Shark Night 3D
2010 -Charlie St. Cloud role:: Tink Weatherbee
2010 -Oliver Sherman role:: Franklin Page
2010 -Terriers role:: Hank Dolworth
2010 -Vengeance
2009 -Jericho's Walls Are Falling role:: 
2009 -Life role:: Captain Kevin Tidwell
2008 -1% role:: Misfit
2008 -Hackett role:: Oliver Hackett
2008 -Max Payne role:: Alex Balder
2008 -No Place Like Home role:: Uncle Eddie
2008 -The Lodger role:: Bunting
2007 -Damages role:: Tom's Friend
2007 -Ghost Rider role:: Mack
2007 -Life role:: Captain Kevin Tidwell
2007 -Operation: Fighting Shape role:: Eugene Gurkin
2007 -Operation: Seduce Simone role:: Eugene Gurkin
2007 -Purple Violets role:: Chazz Coleman
2007 -The Good Life role:: Daryll
2007 -The Knights of Prosperity role:: Eugene Gurkin
2007 -Zodiac role:: kapitán Ken Narlow
2006 -Almost Heaven role:: Mark Brady
2006 -Citizen Duane role:: Uncle Bingo
2006 -Fast Track role:: Don Wollebin
2006 -Jack's Law role:: 
2006 -Shark Bait role:: Troy
2006 -The Groomsmen role:: Jimbo
2005 -Just Like Heaven role:: Jack Houriskey
2005 -Tennis, Anyone...? role:: Danny Macklin
2005 -Wiener Park role:: Cooter Kincaid
2003 -American Splendor role:: Stage Actor Harvey
2003 -Confidence role:: důstojník Lloyd Whitworth
2003 -Two Days role:: Ray O' Connor
2002 -Comic Book Villains role:: Raymond McGillicudy
2002 -Monk role:: Gully
2001 -Action Mountain High role:: Sean Finnerty
2001 -Glam role:: Tom Stone
2001 -Grounded for Life role:: Sean Finnerty
2001 -The Château role:: Sonny
2000 -Reindeer Games role:: Pug
2000 -Steal This Movie role:: Stew Albert
2000 -Takedown role:: Alex Lowe
2000 -The million dollar hotel role:: Charley Best
2000 -The Opportunists role:: Pat Duffy
2000 -The Patriot role:: Dan Scott
2000 -The Tao of Steve role:: Dex
1999 -Big Tease, The role:: Eamonn
1999 -Runaway Bride role:: Priest Brian Norris
1998 -"Felicity" role:: Eddie
1998 -A Bright Shining Lie role:: Steven Burnett
1998 -Blade role:: Quinn
1998 -The Thin Red Line role:: Marl
1997 -"The Practice" role:: ADA Richard 'Dickie' Flood
1997 -First Love, Last Rites role:: Red
1997 -Gun role:: Luke
1997 -Men with Guns role:: Goldman
1997 -Metro role:: Earl
1996 -Dear God role:: Webster
1996 -Diabolique role:: Video Photographer #1
1996 -Eye for an Eye role:: Tony
1996 -I Want My MTV role:: Jimmy McBride / Jimmy the Cab Driver
1996 -Jerry Maguire role:: Rick, Junior Agent
1996 -Public Morals role:: Ken Schuler
1996 -The Grave role:: Cletus
1996 -The Size of Watermelons role:: Gnome
1996 -Winterlude role:: Chris Hampson
1995 -3 Ninjas Knuckle Up role:: Jimmy
1995 -Baja role:: Alex
1995 -Medicine Ball role:: Danny Macklin
1995 -Miami Rhapsody role:: Derek
1995 -The Single Guy role:: Billy
1994 -"ER" role:: Chuck Martin
1994 -Disclosure role:: Chance Geer
1994 -Little Women role:: Jacob Mayer
1994 -Sweet Justice
1994 -The Crew role:: Bill Pierce
1994 -The Yarn Princess role:: Bob Mathews
1993 -Almost Home role:: Tommy Tom
1993 -And the Band Played On role:: Bobbi Campbell
1993 -Gettysburg role:: Capt. Ellis Spear
1993 -Labor of Love: The Arlette Schweitzer Story role:: Kevin Uchytil
1993 -X Files, The role:: Agent Tom Colton
1992 -Getting Up and Going Home
1992 -Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful role:: Shane Pencil
1992 -Sneakers role:: Dr. Gunter Janek
1991 -"The Commish" role:: Ryan Gibson
1991 -Darrow role:: James McNamara
1991 -Nu ji xie ren role:: On-looker at fight in Robot-convention(uncredited)
1990 -"Northern Exposure" role:: Judd Bromell
1990 -Common Ground role:: Danny McGoff
As director
2005 -Tennis, Anyone...?
As scenarist
2005 -Tennis, Anyone...?
As producer
2007 -Operation: Fighting Shape
2007 -The Knights of Prosperity
2005 -Tennis, Anyone...?
2002 -Comic Book Villains
1997 -Men with Guns
As composer
2006 -The Groomsmen
2000 -Steal This Movie
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