Dennis Dugan


As actor
2011 -Jack and Jill role:: Al Pacino's Standby
2010 -Untitled Adam Sandler Project
2008 -You Don't Mess with the Zohan role:: Homeless Guy
2007 -I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry role:: Cab Driver
2006 -Benchwarmers, The role:: Coach Bellows
2006 -Confessions of Captain Freedom
2004 -Karroll's Christmas role:: Door Knocker
2001 -Saving Silverman role:: Referee
1999 -Big Daddy role:: Reluctant Trick-or-Treat Giver
1996 -Happy Gilmore role:: Doug Thompson
1992 -Brain Donors role:: Stage Hand
1990 -Problem Child role:: All American Dad
1989 -Parenthood role:: David Brodsky
1988 -Channel 99 role:: Marty Kessler
1988 -New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, The role:: pan Settigren
1988 -She's Having a Baby role:: Bill
1987 -Can't Buy Me Love role:: David Miller
1987 -Hooperman role:: Snitch
1986 -"L.A. Law" role:: Roy Tomba
1985 -Moonlighting role:: Walter Bishop / ...
1985 -Water role:: Rob Waring
1984 -The Toughest Man in the World role:: Dick
1982 -Country Gold role:: Darryl Appleby
1982 -St. Elsewhere
1981 -"Hill Street Blues" role:: Captain Freedom
1981 -Howling, The role:: Chris
1980 -Deer in the Works role:: David Potter
1980 -It's a Living role:: Lloyd Hoffmeyer
1979 -Supertrain role:: Jack Hogarth
1979 -The Spaceman and King Arthur role:: Tom Trimble
1978 -Last of the Good Guys role:: důstojník Johnny Lucas
1978 -Richie Brockelman, Private Eye role:: Richie Brockleman
1976 -Alice role:: Joel Snedeger
1976 -Columbo: Last Salute to the Commodore role:: Sergeant Theodore "Mac" Albinsky
1976 -Father O Father role:: Father Morgan
1976 -Good Heavens
1976 -Harry and Walter Go to New York role:: Lewis
1976 -Norman... Is That You? role:: Garson Hobart
1976 -Rich Man, Poor Man role:: Claude Tinker
1976 -Richie Brockelman: The Missing 24 Hours role:: Richard 'Richie' Brockelman
1976 -The Fatal Weakness
1975 -Day of the Locust, The role:: Apprentice
1975 -Night Moves role:: Boy
1975 -Smile role:: Logan
1974 -The Rockford Files role:: Richie Brockelman
1973 -Death Race role:: Pvt. Becker
1973 -Police Story role:: Officer Brett Lougner
1973 -The Girl Most Likely to... role:: Charlie Elliott
1972 -"The Waltons" role:: Stuart Lee Claybourne
1972 -M*A*S*H role:: Danny McShane / ...
1972 -M*A*S*H role:: Danny McShane / ...
1972 -Night Call Nurses role:: Kit
1972 -The Sixth Sense role:: Bill Miller
1971 -"Columbo" role:: Sergeant Theodore "Mac" Albinsky
1971 -Cannon role:: George
1971 -Hospital, The role:: E.R. Doctor
1969 -Love, American Style role:: Icarus (segment "Love and the Lie")
1968 -The Mod Squad role:: Chris Norton
As director
2011 -Jack and Jill
2011 -Just Go with It
2010 -Grown Ups
2010 -Untitled Adam Sandler Project
2008 -You Don't Mess with the Zohan
2007 -I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
2006 -Benchwarmers, The
2004 -Karroll's Christmas
2003 -A Screwball Homicide
2003 -Hope & Faith
2003 -National Security
2003 -The Mullets
2001 -Saving Silverman
1999 -Big Daddy
1999 -Shasta McNasty
1998 -The Love Boat: The Next Wave
1997 -Ally McBeal
1997 -Beverly Hills Ninja
1996 -Happy Gilmore
1995 -Marker
1994 -Burke's Law
1994 -Nemocnice Chicago Hope
1994 -The Byrds of Paradise
1994 -The Shaggy Dog
1994 -Who Killed Nick Hazard?
1993 -Columbo: Butterfly in Shades of Grey
1993 -NYPD Blue
1992 -Brain Donors
1992 -Picket Fences
1990 -Problem Child
1989 -"Doogie Howser, M.D."
1987 -"Wiseguy"
1986 -"L.A. Law"
1985 -Moonlighting
1984 -Hunter
1971 -"Columbo"
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