Carl Weathers


As actor
2010 -Chadam role:: Narrator
2010 -Cubed role:: Carl Weathers
2009 -Brothers role:: 'Coach' Trainor / Trainor / Coach
2008 -Phoo Action role:: Chief Benjamin Benson
2007 -The Comebacks role:: Freddie Wiseman
2006 -Psych role:: Boone
2006 -Sasquatch Dumpling Gang, The role:: Dr. Artimus Snodgrass
2005 -Alien Siege role:: General Skyler
2005 -Mercenaries role:: Colonel Samuel Garrett
2004 -Balto III: Wings of Change role:: Kirby(voice)
2002 -Eight Crazy Nights role:: GNC Guy
2002 -The Shield role:: Joe Clark
2000 -Little Nicky role:: Chubbs Peterson
1999 -Elevator Seeking role:: William
1999 -Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant role:: Roy Brown
1997 -Assault on Devil's Island role:: Roy Brown
1996 -Happy Gilmore role:: Chubbs Peterson
1995 -In the Heat of the Night: By Duty Bound role:: Chief Hampton Forbes
1995 -In the Heat of the Night: Grow Old Along with Me role:: Chief Hampton Forbes
1995 -OP Center role:: Gen. Mike Rodgers
1994 -"ER" role:: Louie Taylor
1994 -In the Heat of the Night: A Matter of Justice role:: Chief Hampton Forbes
1994 -In the Heat of the Night: Give Me Your Life role:: Chief Hampton Forbes
1994 -In the Heat of the Night: Who Was Geli Bendl? role:: Chief Hampton Forbes
1992 -Hurricane Smith role:: Billy 'Hurricane' Smith
1991 -"Street Justice" role:: Adam Beaudreaux
1990 -Dangerous Passion role:: Kyle Western
1988 -"In the Heat of the Night" role:: Chief Hampton Forbes / Inspector Hampton Forbes
1988 -Action Jackson role:: seržant Jericho 'Action' Jackson
1987 -Predator role:: Dillon
1987 -Tour of Duty role:: COL Brewster / COL Carl Brewster / Colonel Brewster
1986 -Fortune Dane role:: Fortune Dane
1986 -The Defiant Ones role:: Cullen Monroe
1985 -Braker role:: Lieutenant Harry Braker
1985 -Rocky IV role:: Apollo Creed
1982 -Rocky III role:: Apollo Creed
1981 -Death Hunt role:: Sundog
1979 -Rocky II role:: Apollo Creed
1978 -Force 10 from Navarone role:: seržant Weaver
1978 -The Bermuda Depths role:: Eric
1977 -Close Encounters of the Third Kind role:: Military Policeman
1977 -Semi-Tough role:: Dreamer Tatum
1977 -Tales of the Unexpected role:: Dalby
1977 -The Hostage Heart role:: Bateman Hooks
1976 -Delvecchio role:: Sgt. Bell
1976 -Rocky role:: Apollo Creed
1976 -Serpico role:: Snake
1976 -The Four Deuces role:: Taxi cab driver
1975 -Bronk
1975 -Bucktown role:: Hambone
1975 -Friday Foster role:: Yarbro
1975 -S.W.A.T. role:: Ed
1975 -Starsky and Hutch role:: Al Martin
1975 -Switch role:: Lt. Gifford
1974 -Good Times role:: Calvin Brooks
1974 -The Six Million Dollar Man role:: Stolar
1973 -Barnaby Jones role:: Jack Hopper
1972 -Kung Fu role:: Bad Sam
1972 -The Streets of San Francisco role:: Officer Hague
1971 -Cannon role:: Dan Holloway
1970 -McCloud role:: Police Officer Delaney
As director
2004 -ABC/TTV Micro-Mini Series
2002 -For the People
2000 -"Strong Medicine"
2000 -Sheena
1997 -"Pensacola: Wings of Gold"
1992 -Renegade
1991 -Silk Stalkings
As producer
1986 -The Defiant Ones
As composer
1996 -Happy Gilmore
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