Andy Scott Harris


As actor
2011 -Bad Teacher role:: Flamboyant Boy
2011 -Just Go with It role:: Catholic Schoolboy
2010 -A Glass of Water role:: Charlie's Friend
2010 -Alone role:: Steven
2010 -Equestrian Sexual Response role:: Brendan
2010 -Go Go Reject role:: Dancing Boy
2010 -Open role:: Orphan
2010 -Picture This role:: Jack
2010 -Simon role:: Boy in Class
2010 -The Driveway role:: Henry
2010 -The Ryan and Randi Show role:: Guitarist
2010 -Zeke and Luther role:: Trick-or-Treater
2009 -Angels & Demons role:: Vatican Choirboy(uncredited)
2009 -Kissing Strangers role:: Young Max
2009 -Little Monk role:: Jimmy
2009 -Love Takes Wing role:: Victorian Orphan
2009 -Save the Skeet role:: Gunny
2009 -The Scarecrow & the Princess role:: Skeleton Boy #1
2008 -Almost role:: Sebastian
2008 -Compact Only role:: Hasidic Boy
2008 -Men of a Certain Age role:: Neighborhood Boy
2008 -The Closet role:: Little Boy
2008 -The No Sit List role:: Posse
2007 -Frank TV role:: Donald Trump's Party Guest
2007 -Harry Putter and the Sorcerer's Phone role:: Pigblemish Student
2006 -Big Love role:: Mormon Boy
2006 -Dexter role:: Classroom Kid
2004 -House M.D. role:: Johnny
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